General Terms & Conditions of Schreyögg srl

1. General

The following General Terms & Conditions will apply to all deliveries, services and offers of Schreyögg srl, represented by its Executive Director Peter Schreyögg, Via Cutraun 62, 39020 Parcines, Italy, Tel.: +39 0473 967700, Fax: +39 0473 967800, E-Mail: shop@alps-coffee.it, Internet: shop.alps-coffee.it.

2. Conclusion of contracts for orders

Only persons of 18 years of age and over, who are not limited in their contractual capability at the time of conclusion of the contract, are entitled to conclude contracts via the online shop and thus with Schreyögg srl.
The offers of the online shop and thus of Schreyögg srl on the internet are non-binding offers to customers to order goods from the online shop.
The customer may make orders via e-mail or in any other way, but must also then provide his/her e-mail address.
A legally binding contract for this order will come into being upon confirmation by Schreyögg srl – as a rule via e-mail – or via the dispatch of the goods or services ordered.
Orders must contain the following information:

  • Customer name,
  • Customer address,
  • means of cummunication,
  • desired delivery address,
  • designation and quantity of goods.

3. Prices

The prices applicable to orders are those given on the internet. Prices are indicated in euros and include VAT.

4. Payment

  • Payment with PayPal
  • Cash on delivery (Italian delivery addresses only)
  • Prepayment with 2% discount (payments to Schreyögg srl are to be made to its account at the Cassa Raiffeisen di Parcines, IBAN: IT 21 P 08175 58690 000300100005 SWIFT/BIC RZSBIT21025)

5. Delivery

Delivery will be made immediately upon receipt of the order and subsequent confirmation and, in the event of prepayment, immediately upon receipt of payment to the account of Schreyögg srl.
Deliveries are made solely within Italy.
From a goods value of € 60.00 (inclusive of VAT) we will deliver free of charge within Italy. For orders under € 60.00 (inclusive of VAT) we make a flat-rate charge for despatch of € 8.00 (inclusive of VAT); € 18.00 within the EU.
Schreyögg srl offers no guarantee for the integrity of the vacuum in the case of vacuum-packed goods sent by post. Loss of the vacuum has no effect on the quality of the coffee and will not be considered a defect.
Should an article not be available at short notice, we will inform you via e-mail regarding the expected delivery time if you have provided us with an address.
No claims for damages may be made against the online shop in the event of delays in delivery on account of e.g. force majeure, traffic problems or instructions of a higher authority, or other events over which the company has no control.

6. Customer's right of revocation

The customer may without giving any reason revoke his/her declaration of agreement within a period of two weeks, either in writing (e.g. letter, fax, e-mail) or by returning the object in question.
The period of revocation will begin no earlier than the day of delivery to the customer in the case of the supply of goods; no earlier than the day of delivery of the first partial consignment in the case of the recurring supply of similar goods; and no earlier than the day of the conclusion of the contract in the case of services.
The right of revocation will also expire in the case of services if Schreyögg srl has begun, with the express agreement of the customer, to supply the service before the end of the period of revocation, or the customer has initiated this him/herself.
Timely communication of revocation or dispatch of the object in question is sufficient to meet the conditions of the period of revocation.

7. Consequences of revocation

In the case of effective revocation the services reciprocally received by both parties are to be returned and restitution is to be made for any use made thereof.
Should revocation concern orders up to a value of € 40.00, the customer will bear the cost of return unless the goods supplied do not correspond to the order.
In all other cases of revocation Schreyögg srl will bear the cost of return.
If the customer cannot return the service and/or goods received in whole or in part, or can only return them in a degraded condition, s/he must indemnify Schreyögg srl for the relevant value. This will not apply to the surrender of goods if the degradation of the goods can solely be attributed to such inspection as would have been possible for the customer on retail premises. The customer will also not be liable for indemnification if s/he has not made use of the object in question as its owner and refrains from anything impairing its value.
The objects in question are to be returned packaged where possible. If this is not possible, Schreyögg srl will collect the objects in question from the delivery address given by the customer.
Revocation and returns of goods are to be made to the address of Schreyögg srl appearing in paragraph 1. of these General Terms & Conditions.

8. Guarantee

DThe customer must immediately upon delivery inspect the goods supplied for defects regarding their condition. Complaints regarding apparent defects must be made within eight days of receipt of the goods. Complaints regarding concealed defects must be made at the latest six months following receipt of the goods. Claims under warranty will be excluded if these periods are not observed.
In the event of a complaint, Schreyögg srl is entitled to replace the goods by supplying the same product in the same quantity. If such replacement is not made, or is not made within an appropriate timescale, or is from the outset not possible, the customer may request a reduction in the purchase price or cancellation of the contract.
Both Schreyögg and the customer may furthermore make complaints using the following link: http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/. Following such complaints, disputes between customer and company will be decided online by the national alternative dispute resolution agencies (AS agencies).

9. Liability

Schreyögg srl will be liable to indemnify the customer, irrespective of the legal foundation, only insofar as the customer has suffered damage due to a culpable breach of an essential contractual obligation (essential obligation) or due to gross negligence or intent on the part of Schreyögg srl.
Schreyögg srl is only liable for indirect damage or lost profits if these can be attributed to a culpable breach of an essential obligation and/or intent or at the least gross negligence on the part of the employees or officers of Schreyögg srl.
Claims in respect of the absence of a warranted feature on account of initial impossibility or in accordance with the provisions of product liability legislation remain unaffected.
Should an upstream supplier of Schreyögg srl not deliver, or not deliver in good time, Schreyögg srl shall be discharged of its obligation to make timely and full delivery to the customer insofar as no blame attaches to Schreyögg srl in this respect.

10. Retention of title

The goods sold will remain the property of Schreyögg srl until full payment is made. In the event of a delay in payment on the part of the customer, Schreyögg srl is entitled at its option to withdraw from the contract, or to take back the unpaid goods, or if necessary to demand the cession of the claims for restitution of the customer in favour of third parties. The taking back or seizure of unpaid goods by Schreyögg srl will not entail the cancellation of the contract.

11. Privacy

Schreyögg srl will process and store such customer data as is necessary for an order.
In the sense of and pursuant to art. 13 of Legislative Decree no. 196/03 (the Italian privacy code), the buyer declares that s/he is aware of the processing methods and purpose of the data processing in object as well as of his/her rights pursuant to art. 7 of Legislative Decree no. 196/03 as amended. By checking the box at the end of these General Terms & Conditions, the buyer expressly confirms that s/he has received and is aware of the above information and thus gives his/her consent regarding the purpose contained in arts. 23 and 24 to the processing, including the transmission and dissemination, of his/her data by Schreyögg srl in the context of the above information.
All customer data will be used solely for the fulfilment of customer orders and will not be passed to third parties without the express consent of the customer, which may be revoked at any time. Third parties are in this sense not considered to be those persons involved in the order handling and who are necessary for the proper fulfilment of customer orders. In these cases too, only such customer data as is absolutely necessary will be communicated.
The customer is entitled at any time to request information regarding the scope and purpose of the data processing and about other recipients of the data. S/he is entitled to demand the correction, blocking or deletion of his/her data following completion of the purposes of the contract.

12.  Copyright

All third-party logos, images and graphics appearing here are the property of the relevant enterprises and are subject to the copyright of the appropriate licensor. No photos, logos, texts, reports, scripts or programming routines appearing on these pages that have been developed or prepared by ourselves may be copied or otherwise used without our agreement. All rights reserved.

13. Cession, set-off and right of retention

No cession of customer accounts receivable against Schreyögg srl is permitted.
In the event that legally valid or undisputed accounts receivable exist in respect of Schreyögg srl, the customer may only make a set-off statement or claim a right of retention.

14. Place of performance

The place of performance for delivery and payment is the registered office of Schreyögg srl.
The contractual relations of the contracting parties shall be governed solely by the laws of Italy under exclusion of the provisions of the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.

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